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Cesky Krumlov Czech Republic. 24 8 2015

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While some on board stayed and walked around Passau we went on the day trip to Cesky Krumlov. 2 hour bus ride through Bavarian forest seeing normal German villages and farms. We travelled in the day from Germany into Czech Republic then into Austria. How different the changes from one country to the other. Went into a servo for break and was like any servo at home. Magnum ice creams in freezer and lots of other things we have. Saw a big Ikea store and Aldi stores. Also have SPAR stores most places.

Looked around The town at Cesky Krumlov and up to the Castle/Palace with over 300 rooms. There is so much history told in the walk it doesnt stay in head long. Beautiful place though.

Bought a donut type cylinder/spiral thing made on a round wooden cylinder.Lots of cinnamon and sugar around it tasted so delicious. Had seen on Tv so was an aim to try one

Went to a torture museum which are in most towns. Met an Asian/American girl in there and she would not go without us. Dark cold and gruesome.

Back to the boat intime for drinks and dinner.

Sorry if spelling errors but very late.

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Regensberg 23 8 2015

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The morning was spent cruising to Regensberg. Lots of bike riders, fishermen, camping in all forms as well as towns along the canals. The use of the canals is amazing with all the locks. Some of the locks are so deep when at the bottom as going down you cannot see to the top out of the windows. The clearence is so small on either side of the boat and going under bridges is very tight.

Regensberg has 1300 Unesco listed historical buildings lots of history. Alot of buildings are having restorations done so scaffolding cover many buildings.

After walking with guide around town walked down to the famous oldest German sausage house. Delicous. Talked to some locals while eating. The price of renting and buying houses/units in these historical towns is very expensive.

A German Oom Pa Pa band entertained us for an hour.

Another fabulous day.

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Nuremberg 22 08 2015

sunny 25 °C
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we started the morning tour on the Dark side of Nuremberg. We saw the "New Congress" building built by Hitler Party and is based on the Colluseum. It was built for 1 speech a year.

We looked over the reflective lake. We went to the stadium where the Nuremberg rallies were held. 35 towers around the stadium remain as does the podium where Hitler addressed the people and the stone/concrete stands where the people sat.

We visited the Imperial Castle which was surrounded by a dry moat. The moat is now used foe walkinf sports and other activities.

John and Barry went to the Document centre while Marjolein and I stayed in the city.

I had a german sausage in a bun like at the Brisbane markets and tasted delicious. I had an apple from the markets while Marjolein had an apple ice cream. We also tasted gingerbread.

Luckily the guides give us good maps which is easy to find way back to the bus. We visited the catholic church in Nuremberg and saw photos of it aftef the war. Not much left but really well restored.

After a restful afternoon back on the boat and dinner we had a relaxing evening. At 10 pm we were in the highest lock and to celebrate went to the top deck to celebrate with champagne/juice and music. Was a wonderful experience. Barry and Marjolein had turned in for the night so missed the experience.

Another brilliant day.

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Bamberg 21 08 2015

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Tried out the bikes today just a short ride and decided the 35km ride is to far. Would be fun though the crew pack you a picnic lunch to have on the way. A guide will go with them.

Started the tour at The Neptune Statue at the green market, passed the pub with the smokey beer. Was a wonderful atmosphere there as a beer festival starting up. People everywhere. Went to old city hall built ovef the river. The oldest part dates back to the 1400s.

We walked to the Bamberg cathedral which holds the Crypts of Henry II and Kunigunde both canonised saints.

Through an archway in the residence is a beautiful rose garden from where you could see St Michaels Abbey. It wax built as a monestry and is now an old peoples home.

Before we went back to the ship John sampled the smokey beer. He enjoyed it he said. Barry was on the gentle walk and didnt get to sample it.

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Wurzburg and Rothenburg 20.08.2015

semi-overcast 20 °C
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Docked at Wurzburg early, 7am. Boarded bus at 8.30am to Rothemburg. Our guide Charles (Originally from America) was a character.

Rothemburg is an historical city with walls around the city dating back to the 12 century. When the city outgrew the walls they built another wall a couple of centuries later. There are strict restrictions on any renovation, modification or repairs just like our heritage listed rules at home.

No neon signage allowed so the signage is colourful wrought iron.

Stopped by the sausage shop and were given samples of several different types with tomato sauce and mustard. Very delicious. We then sampled apple chips then local snowballs. Very nice lucky Charles lives in the town square. After checking out some local shops, not much purchasing, we at Marjoleins request stopped in a local pub and had Apple Strudal with ice cream, cream and coffee. So delicious and different from home.

All trip so far we have learnt that in old times everyone including very young children drank wine not water as water was not clean and wine wasnt made from water. Now in Germany, 16 year olds can drink wine and beer but 18 for spirits etc.

Rained halfway through the day but did not dampen the spirits.

Till tomortow stay safe.

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Birthday on Emerald Star

semi-overcast 20 °C
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What a wonderful birthday. Sad not being with the kids but if you cant be home the Emerald Star is the place to be.

When we got back from the day trip out, there were 2 towels made into a cake with red ribbons tied around and a card.

Tonight at sweets time all the staff came around including the chef and bought a cake and sang happy birthday to me. Kisses from all the staff. Very humbling because the staff are all so wonderful from all different countries.

Well again it has been a wonderful birthday but missed all at home.

love to all Noreen.

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Miltenberg Germany Day 8

semi-overcast 20 °C
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After all the dancing last night we had a later breakfast. Thankyou to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. Spent the afternoon in Miltenberg doing a walking tour. Another very nice town with buildings dating back to 1300. One house had the markings showing 27 children 18 BOYS the rest girls.

There is a statue built and the mayor would not advance the stone masons wages so there is a circle of little boys faces showing around the statue but the one facing the mayors house is showing the boys behind.

Have seen so many tents caravans and motorhomes along the rivers and also driving through the countryside more than you see at home. Very green pastures on the drive to Wertheim to re board the ship.

Well its time to have dinner so until tomorrow.

Love to all and stay safe.

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Rhine Gorge to Rudesheim Germany Day 7

overcast 20 °C
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Wake up at 6am to watch going through the most beautiful Rhein Gorge. So many castles the scenery was amazing as we passed each town. We passed a quarry which still works where they used the rock after world war II to rebuild the dykes in Netherlands. We also passed the Lorelei Rock and tried to hear the sailors.

Cold wind but stayed on the sun deck until we docked at Rudesheim where, after lunch on board, we had a Chu Chu train pick us up and go to the centre of town.

We had a tour of Siegfrieds Musikkabinett, a music museum of restored mechanical music instruments. The music was amazing and the scroll music, cylinder music still playes. One of the grammaphones had to have a new needle in it everytime it played or it would ruin the record. Will post photos as soon as I can it has been very busy. We also went up on a chairlift to the Niederworld monument which overlooked the town and beyond. Great view and weather better today. So evident on the Rhine today of the low water but tonight we on the Mein canal going through a lock about every hour. Gets a bit bumpy at times but when reach the correct level canals are full. Great system.

Have seen so many barges today and freight and passenger trains also.

Once back on board we sailed promptly as no waiting for anyone, if you miss you find your own way to the ship.

Was a great night on board tonight, music and dancing after a delicous meal. Everyone had fun and I even did the nutbush. The sundeck was closed tonight because of all the low bridges so couldn't do our walk tonight. Have to catch up tomorrow.

Weather should be even better than today but nothing will stop us having a great time.

Till next update stay safe.

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Cologne Germany Day 6

rain 18 °C
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Hi all,

A leisurely day today really. Later breakfast either light or full breakfast really hard to decide. Was so wonderful cruising along watching the towns, factories and feilds go by. Have only 2 locks so far will post how many at a later date.

Its been raining all day and after we berthed next to another boat we had lunch. We set off for Cologne climbing over the boat next to us then on 4 buses to town. I wrecked a ships umbrella, it blew inside out twice. Totally mangled. Marleins wasnt very good to start with and blew inside out as well. We did survive though.

We stayed in the middle of Cologne around the Cathedral. What an amazing building. We were amazed as able to take photos using the flash on the camera. We also used toilets at the town hall as per the tour guide as she said is free. Usually 50c to use the toilets but have paid a euro.

Staff on the ship are really good so many nationalities. There is a lucky cabin draw each day and tonight John and Barry won the Cologne souviner. A gift pack of 4711. Guess what I'll get for my birthday lol.

Barry did well today and went with the leisure walkers, amazing he got back but alot better for him than having us nagging him to keep up.

Tomorrow we are going through the Rhine Gorge and will see the Lorelei rock and many castles. Marjolein is in charge as we shall charge our glasses for each castle lol.

Time to sleep now so hope you all well.

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Amsterdam to Cologne day 5

semi-overcast -21 °C
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Early breakfat today and off on another cruise of Amsterdam. We saw things we hadnt seen earlier.

Breakfast was amazing then lunch and dinner. We walked 6 times around the track but will need to do alot more. It was such a funny sensation walking the opposite way to the boat going and being on top deck when going under bridges.

We had welcolm cocktails tonight and tried pheasant, delicious.

The movie on tonight is Michael Bouble but we missed the seats. Not quick enough.

It is 10.10pm local time and just crossed the border into Germany. Cologne is our port stop tomorrow and not a very nice forecast. Wont let it spoil the day though.

Till tomorrow stay safe.

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